Hole Pro Tips

Hole Pro Tips
1 A wide hitting area for your first tee shot, the second shot requires a soft touch, and playing to the front of the green is a good start
2 A short Par 4 where driver is not the club of choice. Stay clear of the bunkers on the right. A short pitch remains to a punch-bowl green.
3 Check distance to the lake edge from the tee and play driver or 3-wood. The left side is the better line to approach the green.
4 A strong Par 4 where a good drive is important. Play close to the bunkers on the left for the best line to the green.
5 A wide fairway to hit your tee ball, but be aware of the marsh along the right side of the fairway.
6 At most times, a play to the center of the green is the shot, although when the pin is back right, you will need to hit it left to right.
7 The smart play is to hit a 3-wood or long iron to the center of the fairway. Hit too far left or right and the view to the green is limited and difficult.
8 Be careful with this Par 3 as water closely protects the green along the right side.
9 A tough tee shot from the back tees. Strike it well as a long carry over marsh is needed to reach the green with your second. If you miss your drive, the smart play may be a lay up.
10 Check the distance to the water. In most instances, it will be out of reach; however, a driver is always the best club to hit on this hole if possible.
11 A drive to the left side is the better line to the green.
12 A demanding tee shot is needed and the better approach to the green is from the right side of the fairway.
13 A long Par 3 where the ideal approach carries the vertical face a few yards short of the green allowing the ball to run from there.
14 The dogleg right Par 4 is best played as close to the right side of the fairway as you dare.
15 A very long green, so get the yardage to the hole before choosing your club.
16 A wide open tee shot awaits; however, the second shot plays between a pond left and bunkers right. The perched green makes for an inviting target.
17 Take a deep breath before you swing, make good contact, and two putt for a well earned par.
18 Enjoy the view! Let it rip from the tee. On your next shot, beware of the fairway bunker left that rests 100 yards short of the green. Play safe to the right or fire over the bunker to reach the green in two for a chance at eagle.

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